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    4 Item(s)

    Having onsite iPads, printers, scanners and more at your event or conference will save you both time and money. At Signal Events, we provide a wide variety of solutions to help make your event organized, memorable, and a hit among those who attend. Using our onsite options will help you to make your event more effective and efficient.

    Having name badges at your next event or conference is essential. There are many reasons and benefits for having name badges. Whether your event takes place in Brisbane,Perth,Sydney or Melbourne, the name badges are a staple throughout Australia, and will help with your attendees’ networking opportunities. Our onsite badge printer and registration solutions give you the power to create the name badges you need, as you need them. The system is easy to use, providing you with professional name badges within minutes.

    Signal Events focuses on only the best and most effective products that will help provide solutions. Our mission is to help you have a great event or conference. When you partner with us, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best products at your fingertips. Our unique solutions include everything from custom printed name badges and lanyards to printer and device rentals. We have it all to help you do it all right!

    Contact us today to let us know what type of name badges and processes you need for your event. We have products for every event or conference. We can help you find the ideal solution for your unique needs!

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