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Custom Lanyards

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    8 Item(s)

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    Custom lanyards to increase brand awareness during an event

    Every business has to promote and advertise its brand in many ways. Lanyards are a great way to advertise and promote your business. They are of utmost importance when it comes to organising conferences and events. Giving away lanyards with company’s name and logo printed on them will be a very good gift for guests, visitors and employees. For technology based items, there are not much options but a USB or a drive attached to a lanyard could serve the purpose of promotion. People use them to store the data and every time they use it, they will feel a connection to the company. If you are having an event or conference in Australia you will want to consider having custom lanyards to provide attendees.

    At most events and conferences that take place in Australia, custom lanyards are commonplace, especially in the areas of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. They are popular, and for a good reason! Lanyards could be attached to visitor’s pass, identity card, pen drive and data card. When important things are attached to a rope, there is a less chance of losing the precious item. It boosts the morale of the employees and stakeholders.

    Custom lanyards are a great tool that can be used for marketing and branding for your company or event. By having your company name, logo or event printed on your lanyard, they become a marketing tool that is effective and eye-catching. It also strengthens the brand identity of an existing brand and helps startups to establish their brand image. We offer a variety of custom lanyards to choose from, including those with a built-in USB. Our custom lanyards come in a variety of full colour dye-sublimated options, one-colour options and four-colour options. They can also be helpful in conveying the corporate image with highest professionalism. An easy attachment or hook can help to wear the same lanyard with multiple cards.

    At Signal Events, we have enough variety that we can meet your needs and preferences to provide you with a custom lanyard you will be proud to hand out to event and conference attendees. We can also help you keep them organised with our rotating lanyard stand and convertible lanyard stand. This will help expedite them being given to conference and event attendees, and keep them looking great through the process. Apart from identification cards, lanyards are also used in rewards, medals and membership cards to create brand identity and help people remember the name of the company.

    Before any event, you might be searching for an agency to provide bulk promotional products. Our custom lanyard options offer something for every event and conference around Australia. We have several colors, styles, and lengths to choose from, so you can find the ideal option for our event. We also ensure to provide best quality and on-time delivery. We can help ensure you get the best one for your type of event and it would be worth it. Contact us today to learn more!

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