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Lanyards & Belt Zingers

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There are many great reasons to consider having lanyards and retractable belt clip zingers at your next event or conference. They are a popular promotional item that is used at events and conferences around Australia, including in the areas of Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin. Lanyards and belt zingers are a good marketing tool and they are easy to provide event and conference attendees with them, making them a great tool to have.

At Signal Events we offer a variety of lanyards and retractable belt clip zingers to choose from. You have the option of ordering custom or plain lanyards, pre-printed lanyards, and retractable belt clip zingers. Our plain pre-printed lanyards are ready to go, because they are a hot item around Australia. You can choose from plain ones to ones that say volunteer, nurse, contractor, staff, VIP, exhibitor, delegate, student and visitor. Our pre-printed lanyards help take the guesswork out of who is a student and who is a volunteer, for example.

Lanyards and retractable belt clip zingers can also be custom printed with your company logo or whatever word you would like to have on it. They are eye-catching, comfortable to wear, and come in a variety of vibrant colours. The lanyards and belt zingers can have your custom logo or your event or conference branding on them. They come in a variety of combinations of lengths, widths, fastening, and clips.  We also have the ability to match the colour to any you need, and offer a full-colour option.

Contact us today to learn more about ordering stock, pre-printed or custom lanyards and belt zingers!

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