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    13 Item(s)

    There are many events and conferences that take place around Australia each year, especially in the areas of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Having name badges is an essential component to providing an effective experience for those attending your conference or event. But not everyone is looking for permanent name badges, especially if you are not sure of who will be attending the event until it actually happens. We can help!

    At Signal Events we offer high quality reusable name badges. A name badge is only worth having people wear if it is effective and looks attractive. We can offer you both in our SlipID premium reusable name badge collection. We offer several premium reusable name badges to choose from, including single line, double line, multiline, grande, and megatag. Our reusable name badges come in a variety of colors, sizes, dimensions, and designs, and can be fully customised to include your logo or event information.

    With our reusable name badges you can provide your conference and event attendees with an effective marketing tool, yet you can rest assured knowing that it is of premium quality. Your guests will appreciate the work that went into selecting a reusable name badge that helps with their networking, yet looks like a quality product, too.

    Our SlipID premium reusable name badges are ideal for those having events and conferences. They provide a high quality effective solution every time. We can help meet your custom name badge needs and time frame.

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