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Tote Bags

Tote bags are used for casual look and also it is considered to be a style statement. Personalised tote bags will not only add statement to your customers’ style, but also spread awareness of your brand among the masses. They can be given away as a token of remembrance of an event, party, conference or any kind of get together. You can plan the giveaway of the party well in advance.

Signal Events has a wide range of bags. You can select from simple cotton tote bags to ultimate shopper tote with logo to non-woven printed tote bags. We also provide bags with attachments and slip pockets to give users the convenience to carry small items also. You can select personalised tote bags as per your need. For example, if you have organised a party, you can select ultimate shopper tote bag. At Signal Events, you get high quality personalised products. On a personalised bag, you can add your logo and also the name of the recipient. You can even select option of tote bag that matches the theme of the event. We offer personalised tote bags that are affordable, high in quality and that satisfy the customers. It is very easy to choose a tote bag matching to the theme of the event. Personalising a tote bag will give it a unique look besides improving brand awareness. Signal Events also provides other personalised products that can be added in the tote bag. Goodies such as pens, mugs, keychains added in the tote bag will further make the recipients happy.

Promotional tote bags have recently grown in use for advertising. It is a unique way to attract new leads from your target segment. Tote bags are also being used in wedding, anniversaries, bachelorette and big parties. Recyclable material of premium quality help guests to know that you follow trends and also remind guests or the participants of the event later on. Signal Events offers products in wholesale and at affordable rates. To make your events special and exciting, do not miss out to make your selection in advance. This will give you time to decide the best color option and style for your selected product.

A durable, washable and reusable promotional product will satisfy the guests and also let your brand name get noticed. To add a personal touch to the promotional product, one can also add a message besides the name of the guest. By gifting quality promotional bags, the company takes a step forward towards preserving the enviornment. People receiving the tote bag will use it instead of using polythene or paper bags. Even a simple looking cotton or jute bag used in place of plastic will be an enviornment friendly option for the citizens. It conveys the message to ‘go-green’. Selecting custom tote bags as a promotional product is a cost-effective way of advertising compared to spending hefty amount in other modes of advertising. Further, tote bags distributed as a gift wrap during big occassions and festivals, also increase brand recognition and are an excellent way to network. The marketing strategy alone as well as in combination of other marketing strategies is efffective whether for a new product or an existing product.