Tips Being a Successful Vendor at Conference Events

Tips for Successfully Being a Vendor at Conferences and Business Events


There are many conferences and corporate events that take place around Australia each year. These are especially taking place in the cities of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Conferences and business events can be a great place for your business to vendor, but only if you do it right. It’s often tempting to sign up to be a vendor at these business conferences and events, but without knowing what is involved to make it worth your money, it could end up being a waste of your time.


If you are going to register to be a vendor in a conference or business event, there are some things you should consider doing in order to get the most return for your efforts. The last thing you want to do is attend the event only to come back to the office deflated, not having made any new connections, and out the money and time that it took you to participate in the event.


Here are some tips for successfully being a vendor at conferences and business events:


  • Know what you want out of it. Many people don’t stop to think about what they want out of being a vendor. Go in knowing what you want to get out of it. Are you doing it to make connections, sell a product, or help with image branding? Only when you know what you want out of it will you know if it was a success afterward.
  • Put the right people on the job. Not everyone is cut out to chat with those who come by your table. Be sure that you have the right person in the booth, which should be someone who is friendly and knows your company well so they are able to answer questions. For many people, this is the first image they will see of your business and first images go a long way.
  • Stay near your booth. You paid for that space and in order to make connections you need to have someone there at all times. Your goal at the booth should be to make as many connections as you can with those who are strolling by. Talk to them, introduce your product or service, give them something to take home, and leave them on a high note.
  • Have good promotional items. It is imperative that you have some good promotional products to give away at your booth. Every person who comes by should walk away with a customised promotional product that features your logo. It should also be something that they will keep around for a while and use, which helps with your image branding. Good customisable promotional items include drinkware, bags, satchels, cups, pens, mouse pads, and more.
  • Offer a prize. Whether you are giving away a special top-of-the-line customisable satchel with your company logo, or a customised wine carrier with a good bottle of wine, make sure that you offer some sort of prize at your table. Entry into the giveaway is by dropping their business card into a bowl. That business card is your ticket to having their contact info and being able to connect with them later, or add them to your mailing list.
  • Plan the space wisely. Your vendor booth space should be used to increase your brand recognition. Put some thought into having customised logo products and signs that will help with brand recognition efforts even for those who don’t want to stop at the table, but will see the booth as they stroll by.
  • Provide samples. If you have a product where you can give people samples, then do so. If you don’t, pick up some good chocolates and put them out. People will stop by just for that, and it’s an opening to starting a conversation. Plus, the chocolate will help put them in a good mood.


One of the most important tools you should be using when you are a vendor at a conference or business event is to have those running it wear a professional name badge. A customised name badge is essential to helping people feel comfortable, breaking the ice, and establishing professionalism. Don’t compromise when it comes to the items that will promote your business. Those customisable promotional products will still be helping to grow brand recognition long after the person has left the table.





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