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Work From Home At Ease

The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused many companies to work from home. Luckily, technology makes this very feasible for numerous industries, but what can we provide our employees to make the transition easier? We spoke to both long time remote employees and employees working remotely for the first time to see what the popular products would make working from home easier

Water Bottles

Keeping hydrated is crucial for immune system health and concentration.Our water bottle range come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Plus you can re use over and over again!  


Notebooks are complete necessities whilst working from home. Remain organised and on top of tasks with our unique notebook options that you can re-use in the future.


Working from home may mean more distractions. Putting on headphones can keep you focused and and concentrated on your work tasks.Also take part in video calls and conferences in style and comfort with headphones and earpods.


Ensure tasks are complete with a full assortment of stationery on hand. From eco-friendly to metal luxury pens we have options that suit your brand and employees as well as pens being a product that you can re-use, improving our greener footprint. 

Phone Stands

A crucial product to keep on top of multi tasking! Keep your phone charged whilst holding it in place for important video calls and meetings with our wireless charger phone stands. Pick one that is vertical or horizontal. 

Exercise Equipment

As gyms remain closed it is very important for peoples mental wellbeing to remain active phsyically. From resistance bands to yoga mats we have a variety of exercise tools to ensure working out is a breeze.