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5 Questions to Determine Whether You Should be an Exhibitor at a Conference






If you have ever attended business conferences or events, you know that they can be a lot of fun and that they can be very informative. But if you are an exhibitor at these events, it takes on a whole new meaning. Whether your business is in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra or Sydney, if you are an exhibitor in any conference or corporate event in Australia you will want to make it worth your while.


The truth of the matter is that not every corporate conference or event is going to be the right fit for your type of business. Yet many people don’t stop to consider whether or not it’s a good fit before they sign their business up and plunk down the money to be an exhibitor. Doing a little homework and evaluation ahead of time to ensure being an exhibitor at that conference is a good fit for your business can save you both time and money.


Here are 5 questions to help you determine whether or not your business should be an exhibitor at a particular conference or event:


  1. Will your target market be at the conference or corporate event? 

    The main reason why you would want to be an exhibitor at a business conference is because the market you want to reach will be there. Consider whether or not they will be at the event and if they are, then great, you may want to move forward with being an exhibitor. If they will not be there, you have to ask yourself what you would get out of being an exhibitor.


  2. Will you have the ability to connect with them? 

    Being an exhibitor at a conference doesn’t automatically mean you will have the ability to connect with your target market. You want to make sure there is a way to connect with them, even if it is by having customised promotional products made that you put into the goodie bags they take home. You need to have a way to get your image in front of them.


  3. Are you prepared to network and get their contact information? 

    The last thing you want to have is an exhibitor booth that doesn’t have an effective person taking care of it. You need to make sure that you have the right staff member available to attend and stay put at the booth all day, so that person can represent your company throughout the whole event. It’s also important that you have a way to get contact information from those you get the chance to speak with. This information can be used for follow ups, as well as to add to mailing lists.


  4. Have you been an exhibitor at this event before? 

    Often times, businesses continue to be an exhibitor at an event they have been at before. They just continue to do it, without giving much thought to whether or not they are getting anything out of it. If your company has been an exhibitor at this particular event before, give honest consideration as to whether or not it was worth it. Did you get out of it what you wanted to?


  5. Does your company have the budget to do this the right way? 

There is more to being an exhibitor at a conference or event than just setting up a table. It’s important to have effective collateral and displays plus handouts and custom promotional products to give away, name signs to help with image branding, and more. If you can do it right, then great, it will be worth it. But if you don’t want to invest in the collateral, displays and custom promotional products that you need, then you may want to re-think being an exhibitor


If you do decided to be an exhibitor at a conference or corporate event anywhere in Australia, it’s important that you have the right promotional products on hand. Everything from your signage to the promotional products that you give away need to be top-notch.


At Signal Events, we specialize in helping companies to obtain all of the high quality promotional products they need for conferences and events. We offer high quality promotional products including cups, mugs, travel cups, customisable bags, mouse pads, and more. We also specialize in designing and sourcing custom items to stand out from the crowd and we can help you get the most out of your exhibiting experience. Allow us to work with you to both increase your brand awareness and give away fun promotional items potential customers will love.