If you have attended any conferences or business events in Australia, you will likely notice that there are a few things that can easily be overlooked. By overlooking some things the conference may fall short in the eyes of some attendees. If you want them to spread the good word about the conference and to come back to it the following year, it’s a good idea to not let the little things go unchecked.


Whether your conference is in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, there are some small things that when overlooked at conferences can have a big impact. Here are 5 things that are often overlooked that shouldn’t be:


  1. Hand sanitizer. At conferences, people do a lot of handshaking, but they want the ability to clean their hands. Ideally, people should have access to a well stocked restroom and you may want to consider having some hand sanitizer set out. Many people complain that halfway through the day at the conference the restroom supplies have dwindled. Making sure they are kept stocked is a small gesture that people will appreciate.
  2. All the waste Conferences can be places where a lot of waste takes place. The waste ranges from bottles, cans, and papers to promotional products that people leave behind. This can be avoided by setting up recycling centers and purchasing only promotional products that people will want to keep. Also, you can opt for eco friendly promotional products, so that they are easier on the environment.
  3. Networking opportunities. Most people do some kind of networking when they attend conferences, but they also overlook a lot of the chances to mingle. Take a look at the schedule ahead of time, so you can plan your day and get the most networking opportunities out of it that are possible. You never know which will put you in the vicinity of someone that will be great for networking with.
  4. Something memorable. There are some people who attend a conference and go home with no memorable experience from it. Conference organizers should aim to make sure there will be something memorable that will stand out to the person. Making a connection with the attendees is important to the success of the conference.
  5. Private space. Often overlooked by conference organizers, but always appreciated by those who need it, a private space can be a lifesaver. You may have people attending the conference who have issues that require they get some moments in a private space. Having one space that is private and for those looking to get away from the crowd is a great addition to any conference. Whether it’s lactating mothers, those with a headache, or someone who needs a few minutes to re-group, some private space is always welcoming.


There is a lot that goes into planning and carrying out a conference. From ensuring you have the right custom name badges and promotional products to wanting everyone to get a good return on their investment, it can keep you busy. Not overlooking these few small details will put a nice finishing touch on your conference that gets people talking.